You Got to Move It – Move It

If Mother Nature wanted me to have toned abs, pecs, lats and glutes at my age, she should have planned better.  I have all the requisite lumps and bumps in all the right places, in fact, somewhat of a surplus, but somehow I don’t think they’re what she had in mind.  Mother Nature likes firm and solid,  I have soft and squishy.

If I could disregard the arthritis, vertigo and popping knees long enough to do a few reps of something now and then, maybe I’d feel less guilty;  but any day that combines an aching joint with a trip on a treadmill is not going to be a good day.  As I said, poor planning.  There has to be an answer.

We older people are lectured endlessly on the benefits of exercise and we take the warnings seriously.  We’re aware of our responsibility to ourselves and most of us give it our best shot.  But something is missing.

If it were possible to do a workout from the comfort of a lounge chair on my patio, I’d have it handled.  I could work it into a routine, call my program  “Aging In Place”  and market it to my peers.  I’m thinking it would be a huge success.  I can’t be the only person on the planet this lax about getting back in shape.

Let’s see now, how would it work?  I visualize myself stretched out and relaxed in the lounge chair.  It’s a beautiful, sunny day and my patio is the perfect place for a workout.  I’m so stoked, as the kids would say.  Or do they still say that?  I don’t know, I can’t keep up with today’s slang.  Anyway, I’m so excited I actually get into the chair to give my idea a test run.

Warm-ups first:  I wriggle each toe once, working from left to right,  left foot, then right foot.  AAAH, that went so well I do another rep, then a third and a fourth.  No need to over exert the first time, four are enough.

I follow these up with my fingers, giving each a good, firm wriggle, left to right, of course, left hand, then right hand.  Nothing too strenuous , four reps here too.  Easy Peasey!

Trying not to get carried away, I wriggle and rotate in turn my wrists, my elbows, shoulders and neck.  OOH  the neck, that’s a good one!  I skip both my waist and my hips, realizing I’d have to get up out of the chair for those and not wanting to break my rhythm.  I finish up with the knees, the ankles and back to the toes.

And now for the cool down, a very important part of any exercise routine.  For this I repeat every step of the warm-ups twice, finishing up with a good stretch.  I feel absolutely wonderful!  No aches, no pains,  I can already tell I’m more toned.

Why have I been so resistant to exercising?  It’s such an exhilarating thing.  I’d get up and fix a tall, icy drink if I weren’t so relaxed.  I’m really on to something here.  I can see my Demo Tape in my mind’s eye,  “Aging In Place”  with a fab picture of me on the cover (they can do a little Photo-Shopping there).  It’ll be a Megahit!  I can’t wait to get to work on it right away, but first I do need a quick forty winks.  I mustn’t overdo on the first day.

I feel so good!   Mother Nature would be proud of me.


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