The Legend of Licentia and Lucifer

Ladylike little Licentia loved her live-in lothario, lean, lanky Lucifer. Licentia and Lucifer were likely looking lovers, lacking only a legally licit license to live as one in lewd, licentious  Laramie,  Louisiana.

Loyal Licentia longed for legality, but languid Lucifer lacked any leaning toward licensing.  Life lingered on,  lovely little  Licentia lamenting, and lackadaisical  Lucifer leering lasciviously as he lucked out.

At long last, a lowlife  (but likeable)  lawyer named  Lloyd lounged into lewd, licentious  Laramie,  Louisiana.  Lloyd was legally licensed to link up longtime lovers, and  Licentia latched onto him like a flash of lightning.  Lamentably, limber  Lucifer lit out on the lam, larruping over the landscape like a leapin’ lizard.

Lewd, licentious  Laramie,  Louisiana liked this not,  and licensed lowlife  (but likeable)  lawyer  Lloyd to lasso Lucifer, and to legalize  Licentia’s lonely longings.

Loosely lassoed Lucifer looked longingly back on his lost life, lucky Licentia looked lovingly up at Lucifer and they were soon legally linked.

At last Lucifer saw the light and they lived long, legal lives, loving the little ones who  littered their living space.

They were forever loyal to lewd, licentious  Laramie,  Louisiana for letting lowlife  (but likeable)  lawyer  Lloyd lean back and live on his lawyerly laurels.


2 thoughts on “The Legend of Licentia and Lucifer

  1. Joan, I am in awe of your talent. I’m struggling to come back to you with an “L” filled comment but my mind remains blank. The best I can do is continue to enjoy your efforts and cherish our relationship.

    hugs, Dot


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