The Womanizer’s Wife

When I discovered, after many years of wedded bliss, that my own true love was a womanizer, I accepted the news calmly with my usual self-restraint.  Being of a serene, well-adjusted nature I was not too upset.

Of course, I did sew the zippers closed on all his pants.

And, yes, I did brandish my sharpest sewing shears in a threatening manner.

And I must admit I donned my pointy-toed stilettos, took careful aim and landed a perfect kick.

Then I throttled him with my strongest support panty-hose.

And finally I gouged both his eyes out, continuing down his cheeks with my nails, leaving grooves for the blood to run off.

I sank into my chair and leaned back, smirking like a Cheshire Cat as I listened to the sound of sirens drawing near.

Apparently I’m not as self-controlled as i thought I was, but I feel  GOOD.


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